Designer Spotlight: Chan Luu

Designer Spotlight: Chan Luu

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     If there's one brand on our site that epitomizes what Basicality is, it's Chan Luu. The Vietnamese born designer has perfected the wrap scarf with the simplicity of her designs. 

     Chan Luu's scarves are one of the most versatile pieces to add to your closet. They have the perfect balance of length, and weight that there really isn't any other reason to search for another scarf in your life. 

     Her signature 70% cashmere 30% silk blend scarves are the perfect year-round accessory to have in your rotation. They are available in a wide variety of colors and prints so there is one for every special occasion that heads your way.

     The slightly heavier in weight, luxurious 100% cashmere scarves are perfect for those colder months of the year to layer with your favorite outfit to keep you at an oh-so-cozy temperature.

     Not lacking in length, Chan Luu's scarves are ultra-versatile and can be wrapped 1, 2, 3 times or even used as an elegant pashmina. Its the ultimate accessory for day to night wear- plus it's fantastic for travel!  

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