Q. I really like your site, but are you "legit"?

A. Yes. We are owned by the same owners that own a popular boutique in San Francisco, which has been in business since 1999.


Q. Why have I never heard of you before?

A. Google makes it EXTREMELY difficult and expensive for smaller companies to gain a consistent presence in online search or shopping.


Q. How can you offer things cheaper than other sites?

A. We have a very low overhead and a small, efficient staff, therefore we can pass the savings on to you as our competitive advantage.


Q. Is everything real?

A. Yes. We only buy directly from the brands or from their showrooms in Los Angeles or New York.


Q. Can I use Pay Pal?

A. Yes.


Q. Do you take Amazon Pay?

A. Yes.


Q. Where do I see my price with the discount code applied?

A. After your items are in the cart and you press "checkout" you'll apply the discount code and see the new price.


Q. Will I be charged if I push checkout - I want to see the lower price before I buy it?

A. No you won't be charged yet. You still have a couple of steps to go.


Q. Do you have a phone number so that I can talk to a live person?

A. Yes. (415) 810-4137


Q. How fast is your shipping?

A. Very fast :). We usually use USPS Priority Mail. Delivery times are usually 2-3 days throughout the US. We try to ship the same day if we receive the order before 4pm PST.


Q. Do you charge tax in every state like Amazon does?

A. No. We only charge tax if the shipping address is in California.


Q. What are your most popular brands?

A. Ulla Johnson, Chan Luu, 360 Cashmere, James Perse, Mother denim, Melissa Joy Mannning jewelry, and Velvet